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Meat roll

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Beat the eggs. Blend the lemon. Grate the cheese.

Mix half of the beaten egg mass with the heart of the bread and half with the minced meat and mix well.

Roll the shield into a rectangle on the foil. Spread the spinach leaves on top of the parchment layer, then the salami and ham. Separately mix the blended lemon, cheese and beaten egg with the bread.

Put this mass on the minced meat and compact it well. Carefully roll the roll with the help of foil and squeeze it together, load the meat on the sides by hand and squeeze it as well. The roll should be completely wrapped in foil. If the foil does not cover the pages well, wrap it here and there.

Put a little oil or butter on a baking sheet and put the roll in a preheated oven at 220 degrees for 45-50 minutes. Then take out the roll, remove the foil, add a little fat and put it back in the oven to burn it nicely from the top. Remove after 10 minutes, cool slightly and cut with a sharp knife. This roll is garnished with mashed potatoes or rice.