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How to prepare cheese and nadugi?

Today I will share with you the secret of making cheese:


  • 6 or 8 liters of milk
  • The so-called Carving (Machiki or Pepsin)
  • Aluminum utensils for heating milk
  • Utensils for storing cheese. It is advisable to use an extractor-type plastic sum.
  • Machik is the last section of the stomach of mammals. Mach cells secrete gastric juice containing pepsin. Carrots are made from the juice of newborn animals, which is used to make cottage cheese and cheese.
  • Pepsin is a liquid that helps milk to coagulate. It can be purchased at pharmacies.
    So, the secret of Grandma’s magic ingredient is solved!

Stages of Chkinti cheese extraction:

Place the milk in an aluminum pan and heat. Note that the milk should not be boiled. Test by hand and as soon as it reaches a temperature that does not burn, get off the gas. Pour the slice into it, stir and leave in a warm place for 30-40 minutes (I use the cheese slice liquid, pepsin. You can use the cap of the pepsin jar to measure. To cover the bottom of the lid, this volume will be enough to cut 8 liters of milk. And put the boiler in a packed state so that it does not get too cold.

After 30/40 minutes the milk will become a homogeneous mass. Put the condensed milk on a low heat and stir, helping the mass to evaporate. Remove the warmed milk from the gas and collect the cut pieces of milk by hand. So it will be possible to remove the cheese. At first the pieces of cheese will fall apart, however they will be easily packed together after being collected. During the collection process, squeeze the cheese slightly and try not to overcook it so that it does not shrink and dry out. Then place the cheese in an extractor-like plastic bowl and sprinkle a little salt on the surface. The freshly extracted cheese will release more liquid, no matter what you pour, return it to the pot with the remaining liquid. This liquid will be useful later.

How to prepare cheese and yeast?Fermentation preparation and other tips
After cooling, the cheese is ready to serve.
If you want the so-called cheese. Salting, for this you need to store the cheese in salted water.

I never drink the liquid left after removing the cheese. As it turned out, this liquid is called whey and it is made into a fermenter. I boil the liquid in the same pot for 5-10 minutes and when the liquid is clear and the cut milk masses appear, I squeeze it on a fine sieve and take the fermenter. It does not turn out much, but it is very tasty. The yeast can be mixed with finely chopped mint and served with sulgun plates.

You can drink the liquid left over from the fermenter warm, it is very useful for health and has no contraindications. Whey can also be used to knead khachapuri or bread dough, giving the dough special useful properties.