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Elargi preparation will take about 40 minutes; You can make Elarji with Megrelian or Svan sulguni.
If the cheese is unsalted, add a little salt after adding the cheese to the sauce. Dip one foot into warm running water, pausing between layers to allow them to dry.


Sawdust – 200 g
Sulguni – 600 g
Mchadi flour or mango groats – the size of an eye
Salt – to taste

Preparation rules:

Pour enough water into the well-washed sawdust to cover the mass well. First, set it on a slightly high heat and cover with a lid. If the water dries during cooking, you can add cold water. As soon as the ghomi starts to dry, lower the heat slightly and continue to cook the dish over low heat. If water comes out of the boiler, pay the lid slightly. Look often and stir with a fork. After cooking well, add the mustard flour, about the size of an eye, so that you get a medium-thick mass. If you do not have mchadi flour, you can add mango porridge – in this case, ghomi will make you more fluffy. Knead well with a stick and, after about 10 minutes, add the long sliced ​​sulguni. Periodically knead again and try not to leave the cheese unopened. If the stick-lifted mass is perennial and does not break, that’s it, Elarji is ready.