how to make satsivi with turkey

The best Satsivi Recipe

how to make satsivi with turkey: Ingredients: turkeyOnionsWalnutgarlicyellow flowerVinegar Preparation rules: Boil the turkey. If it uses foam, foam. Transfer any fat on top to a separate plate.Put finely chopped onion (3-4 pieces) in turkey fat. Spend walnuts. I put a lot of yellow flowers on it. Add garlic and dried coriander, then – very […]

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Gebzhalia with sour

1Press mint and green pepper. Sprinkle with garlic. Place the chopped mint and pepper along with the garlic in a rod, season with salt and chop using a stone spoon. 2Press the cheese. Boil water in a large pot and add cheese as soon as it boils. Use a wooden spoon to crush the cheese. […]

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1Put the walnuts in a meat grinder and grind them by hand so that the oil comes out. Pour the oil into a separate bowl and strain. Add the crushed garlic, vinegar and spices to the walnuts. 2Mix 50 ml of boiled and cooled water and mix well. 3If necessary, add a little more water […]

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